Park History

Roberts Park was first opened on the 25th July 1871.

The park was designed and laid out by William Gay (1814–1893) for Sir Titus Salt (1803–1876), and was originally known as “The People’s Park” or “Salts Park”. What began as a private park was later donated to the people of Bradford by Sir James Roberts. It was Saltaire Park until 1920 when it was renamed Roberts Park in memory of Sir James’ son Bertram Foster Roberts.

In 1971 Saltaire including Roberts Park was designated a conservation area, and in December 2001, Saltaire including Roberts Park was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In 2009–10 the park was refurbished with help from lottery funds and other grants and was restored to the magnificent form we see today.

The history of Roberts Park is interwoven with the history of Saltaire village itself and Titus Salt. To summarise the events surrounding the foundation of the village, mill and park the Friends have created our Saltaire History Timeline that you can browse.