World Heritage Weekend 2017 Photos

We were extremely lucky with the weather this weekend! Note that if you enjoyed this weekend’s event, and would like to help with the organisation of future World Heritage Weekends the Friends of Roberts Park are always on the lookout for new volunteers. You can get in touch with us here to find out more about our future activities and meetings.

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Saltaire World Heritage Weekend 2017, 22nd-23rd April

Hello everyone, just a very quick reminder – it’s World Heritage Weekend this Saturday and Sunday! This is Saltaire’s own very special Spring Fair, timed to coincide with UNESCO World Heritage Day. There will be a large number of FREE events organised at different sites throughout the village, including the Roberts Park, URC church, and Bracken Hall.

For full event details please see the Saltaire Stories website here. A full event programme for the weekend can be found here. Events on Saturday begin at 11am, and from 10am on the Sunday.

Hope to see you there!

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Half Moon Cafe is finally OPEN!

Half Moon cafe has finally re-opened this weekend ending its near 18-month hiatus. I had a drink down there today myself so I can confirm this is definitely not just another unsubstantiated rumour!

The cafe staff suggest they will be opening Wednesday to Sundays for the foreseeable future – and likely on Bank Holidays too. No official word yet from SCC about the reopening though.

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Aire River Cleanup Event 8th April

Hi everyone apologies for the slightly late notice but there is going to be another River Aire cleanup event this Saturday. Similar events were very successful last year, with a huge turnout of local residents of all ages, and a real feelgood local community vibe!

Please see the poster for further details, the meeting point is going to be at one of the bridges over the River Aire, just off Coach Road, BD17 5SA. For more details, please contact Hellen Hornby at The River Stewardship Company on 07766352932 or email

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Friends of Roberts Park Meeting – 16th March, 7pm

Hi everyone, just a quick note to confirm that the next Friends meeting will take place on Thursday 16th March at 7pm at the Roberts Park Lodge (small building adjacent to Roberts Park rear entrance, near the childrens adventure playground).

Please note here the change in meeting venue we are NOT meeting at Baildon Link!

Plenty to talk about at the moment – there will be further updates and discussion about our ongoing plans for April’s World Heritage Weekend Event. Also likely discussion about the treasure hunt nature trail that has been proposed for the park.

Come along to the meeting to find out more. Everyone welcome.

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Milner Field Farm Development – Send in Your Objection Today!

If you have not done so already and wish to voice your opinion about the proposed development at Milner Field Farm now is the time to do so – as the closing date for applications is the 17th March. The relevant Facebook group is here.

This development is a massive threat to our local community here in Saltaire and Baildon. Firstly a site of considerable historical importance inimately linked to Bradford’s UNESCO World Heritage Site would be bulldozed. Secondly, the University Innovation Centre that is proposed would be near useless for its supposed purpose – 10 miles away from the actual university, miles away from the nearest motorway and with terrible road access via a single lane humpback bridge – yet conveniently situated on acres of undeveloped prime greenbelt land ripe for future suburban housing development! I would personally associate the phrases “intended to set a planning precedent” and “Trojan horse” with this development! To be absolutely clear this development will enrich a tiny minority whilst giving nothing in return back to our local community except noise, traffic and blight.

Make your voice heard, and raise your objection here on the Bradford council planning website – the relevant application number is 15/05538/MAF. Please use a valid reason for objecting. Here are some suggestions:

1) Inappropriate development in the World Heritage Site buffer zone
2) The location is on a dangerous winding road with no public transport to the site.
3) The plans give no indication why the development should be built here.
4) The proposals do not comply with local and national planning policies.

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