Attempted arson in Roberts Park shelters.

Hi everyone. I am not wanting to scare people, but please do be aware an incident of attempted arson and aggressive and threatening behavior in the Roberts Park shelters has recently been reported to FoRP. Can I ask that if you are in the park and see any kids messing around in the shelters, underage drinking, cannabis smoking that sort of thing can you please report it to the police via 999?

Its not so much the drinking and smoking that’s our concern here – although that in itself is obviously obnoxious – it’s the culture of teen bravado that goes with it. There have been multiple attempts recently at lighting bonfires upon the shelter park benches in a deliberate and malicious attempt to burn down the park shelters. Left unchallenged these kind of incidents obviously have the potential for serious and long-lasting negative consequences for our shared community spaces. 🙁

If we could all collectively step up as a community and tell these oiks to shove off that would be absolutely wonderful.

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