Milner Field Farm Development – Send in Your Objection Today!

If you have not done so already and wish to voice your opinion about the proposed development at Milner Field Farm now is the time to do so – as the closing date for applications is the 17th March. The relevant Facebook group is here.

This development is a massive threat to our local community here in Saltaire and Baildon. Firstly a site of considerable historical importance inimately linked to Bradford’s UNESCO World Heritage Site would be bulldozed. Secondly, the University Innovation Centre that is proposed would be near useless for its supposed purpose – 10 miles away from the actual university, miles away from the nearest motorway and with terrible road access via a single lane humpback bridge – yet conveniently situated on acres of undeveloped prime greenbelt land ripe for future suburban housing development! I would personally associate the phrases “intended to set a planning precedent” and “Trojan horse” with this development! To be absolutely clear this development will enrich a tiny minority whilst giving nothing in return back to our local community except noise, traffic and blight.

Make your voice heard, and raise your objection here on the Bradford council planning website – the relevant application number is 15/05538/MAF. Please use a valid reason for objecting. Here are some suggestions:

1) Inappropriate development in the World Heritage Site buffer zone
2) The location is on a dangerous winding road with no public transport to the site.
3) The plans give no indication why the development should be built here.
4) The proposals do not comply with local and national planning policies.

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