Petition: New Improved Roberts Park-Rowing Club Footpath

Hello everyone, I would like to take a minute to promote the recent campaign by Higher Coach Road Residents Group. They are doing the wider local community a great service here by campaigning on our behalf to create a much better path between Roberts Park itself and Bradford Rowing Club on the banks of the River Aire.

As those of you who walk this route regularly will be aware, the ‘path’ that exists at present – if you can call it that – is just a muddy rut across a playing field. It is not an exaggeration to say that you can easily sink up to your ankles – or worse – following heavy rain on the existing route!

To succeed in their campaign they need your help though. To apply for funding to build a better path they need evidence that the track is heavily used by the local community. By adding your signature to the following online petition you can lend your support to their campaign.

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