OWL – Online Watch Link

As many of our regular readers will already be aware, there have been a couple of recent incidents of vandalism and crime within Roberts Park already this year.

The Friends have taken steps to address these, such as reporting incidents to the Council Parks Staff, arranging for CCTV to be checked and putting out public appeals for information on social media. However the question many of our concerned readers have asked us is “What can I do to help?”

At a recent meeting with out local police liaison office, PC David Gladwell we were informed about West Yorkshire Police’s new OWL scheme – (O)nline (W)atch (L)ink. This is a new scheme that the police are piloting in the Bradford area, and is effectively an internet-enabled version of the existing “Neighbourhood Watch” scheme with which some of our readers may already be familiar.

You can sign up online to receive messages about the local crime situation, and alerts from the local force, including crime prevention advice, and the scheme provides the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded neighbours to report suspicious activity both in the park itself and in your own local neighbourhood.

To participate in the scheme and receive information you need to sign up online and provide your email address which you can do here.

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