Saltaire ParkWatch needs you!

Everyone, the Friends have a favour to ask. We really need your help to keep the park in a pristine state for future generations to enjoy!

Whilst you are out and about enjoying the park could we ask that you please keep one eye on the comings-and-goings within the Parks shelters? We ask this because we have had some further incidents of vandalism recently, please see pictures below.

We are trying to nip this mindless destruction in the bud. So can we request that if you are in the park and you see any suspicious behaviour, under-age drinking or attempted arson in progress, please DO NOT APPROACH the individuals concerned but rather report this to the police immediately.

If anyone does know who is behind the latest vandalism in the North Shelter if you could let the Friends know, we will treat this information in the strictest confidence, and ensure that this information is passed on anonymously to the relevant park authorities and the police.

spray_paint_cropped fire_damage_cropped

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