Before and After…Park Transformed!

Well, we have to take our hats off to Mel Smith and the rest of the Council parks staff team.

Following the Boxing Day floods the park frankly looked a mess. There was an awful lot of silt and rubbish deposited by the floodwater. Thankfully though, since we last posted a crack team of elite council parks staff have blitzed the park and tidied up the worst of the damage!

See this picture for a before and after shot showing the flood damage, and the result following the clean-up.

Left: Park showing debris deposited by flooding Right: Park following council repairs.

Left: Photo showing debris deposited by floodwater. Right: Park mostly back to normal again following the clean up

There is some lasting damage that will take longer to repair – in particular keen eyed folks will notice that the path adjacent to the river near the playground has had the surface scoured off by the floodwater and requires resurfacing.

Now that the park itself is (mostly) back to normal, it looks like most of the ongoing community cleanup effort is now likely to be focussed on the Aire riverbank itself between Dowley Gap and Baildon Bridge. I’ll try and announce details here once something firm is arranged, as this is likely to be a weather-dependent event.

Many thanks to everyone who originally volunteered their time to help clean up the park.

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