Aire Cleanup 31st January

More news from Mat. Looks like the river cleanup is going ahead tomorrow after all but may potentially be a damp affair!

Hello all,

It’s been very difficult today to make a call on whether the event tomorrow should go ahead or not and I have left it as late as possible to make a decision as the weather predictions have been changing frequently.

I have been out along the proposed work area today and despite a few showers, river levels are down from yesterday, the ground is not too boggy to work on and the river is looking safe to work by which is great news.  The bad news however is that a good deal of rain is predicted for most of tomorrow which will make working not so pleasant.

I intend to be down at the Cricket Pitch score box in Roberts Park from 0930 tomorrow, partly to see if there is an opportunity to carry out any work and partly to meet anyone who may not have got this message so as to discuss the situation.

One option is to work on the South side of the river next to the Salts Sports cricket and football pitches as there are spectator stands that could be used to shelter from any heavy down pours, as it may turn out that there are sporadic showers and not continual rain, however we will not know this for certain until tomorrow.

I think the most viable plan is to use your best judgement in terms of if you have appropriate water proof clothing and a willingness to work in the rain or not, however please do not feel compelled to attend if you are not happy and prepared to work in the rain.

While this is disappointing in many ways given the incredibly supportive response to this initiative which I simply cannot thank people enough for, I would urge everyone to stay positive and involved as much as possible and continue the fantastic momentum we have built up.  There will be more events planned in the near future and while the event tomorrow may not go ahead as originally hoped for, we can all make a huge difference to not only the amount of debris along the Aire, but also in developing a strong desire within our community to resolve this and other issues simply by maintaining our interest and involvement, willingness to work together towards a solution, and by spreading the word.

Thank you all so very much for your amazing support this far and I hope to meet and speak with as many of you as possible in the very near future.

All the best,

Mat Holloway

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