A further update about the Aire River Cleanup on the 31st

Hi everyone, Matt’s been in touch and it looks like the river cleanup event planned for this Sunday 31st is currently hanging in the balance:

Good morning all,

Heavy rainfall predicted for this week may effect the event this Sunday. It’s too early to say right now but if the level of the Aire is too high or the rain on the day is too severe it will not be safe to work. A final call will be made on this on Saturday and posted up on Facebook and sent out to the mailing list by email.

The situation and level of the Aire will be monitored closely over the next few days and if it will be safe to work on Sunday we have provisions in place for on river safety kindly offered by a couple of local canoeists. The work area could also be changed slighting but again, updates will be sent out about this closer to the event and the meeting point would remain the same.

There will of course be future events planned and it would be fantastic to maintain the enthusiasm and willingness to be involved that everyone has brought to this initiative so far and for which everyone should be very proud.

Only time will tell so let’s keep a positive attitude, plan for the worst but hope for the best and ensure we all stay safe what ever the outcome.

If anyone would like to post any images over the next few days of the proposed work area on the Aire to the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/airedri, or send them to airedri@gmail.com, that would be much appreciated and great to see!

Details of weather predictions for the Shipley area can be viewed on the Met Office website link below:


Further updates will follow and again, many thanks and all the best.

Mat Holloway

The Friends will pass on any further updates from Mat – watch this space

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