Your Friends Face A Challenge and Need Your Help!

john_bullDear Friend
I’m writing to ask for your help to ensure that the Friends of Roberts Park remains an active and effective organisation.
We face quite a challenge. Our outstanding secretary and treasurer Richard Freeman has just left us and whilst David Brazendale has stepped into his secretarial shoes, there is no doubt that Richard’s drive, experience and leadership will be sorely missed… and we still need a treasurer.
In addition, Eddie and Terry, our terrific bandstand and sunset dancing organisers, have stepped down. They will make their experience available to whomever steps into their shoes – but no-one has as yet.
This reflects the fact that, whilst we have a small but solid core of volunteers, we have a real shortage of folk to do the behind-the-scenes graft of running the group and organising its core activities.
We meet again on Wednesday 21 October at Salt’s Sports and Social Club and for the AGM on Wednesday 18 November at Baildon Link 35 Cliffe Avenue Baildon BD17 6NX. PLEASE PUT THESE IN YOUR DIARY. We’re planning a bit of a party at the AGM: don’t miss that!
By the AGM or preferably before, we really need people to step up. And we do not necessarily need people to commit to huge amounts of time. For example our musical activities could be arranged by two or three people prepared to ‘do a bit’ as part of a team.
Please think about what you can do, and please get in touch if you can help.
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