WEEK FIVE: June 24th – Double Bill: Fairburn Singers/ Bonsai Kittens

WEEK SIX: July 1st – Hall Royd Brass Band

WEEK SEVEN: July 8th – Creek Alley Western Line Dancers

2007-07-01 Hall_Royd_Band_01

2007-07-01 Hall_Royd_Band_02

Photos kindly provided by Sharon Ashton

Eddie Lawler writes: On the two weeks I was away, resourcefulness beat the lousy weather. For Fairburn Singers/Bonsai Kittens on 24 June and for Hall Royd Brass Band on 1st July, both very wet days, the tables in the Half-Moon Café were moved out to make way for a crammed café with lively and happy audiences.

On Sunday 8th July the performers were Creek Alley Western Line Dancers, briefly re-named Creek Alley Western Rain dancers. This is not an act we could take indoors. They came in cloud, got started early, took an early break when the rain came (some of them carried on dancing regardless) and finished with a good session in warm sunshine. The event was quite definitely saved by the blue-and-yellow gazebo paid for this year by the Council. It provided the necessary protection for the electrical equipment.

At certain times over 50 dancers took the floor, more than in 2006, and this event is already a “cert” for Bandstand 2008. Many thanks to Alwyne and Marilyn Clapham for getting this act together in every sense.

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