WEEK EIGHT: July 15th

Hot Aire (The COOLEST band around!)

2007-07-15 Hot_Aire_01

2007-07-15 half_moon_audience_01

Photos kindly provided by Sharon Ashton

The Mela might get washed out, but not Saltaire Bandstand. Everyone knew it would be a Sunday afternoon of heavy rain, there would be no outdoor performance, so the Half-Moon Café staff shifted all tables out, invited the 20-odd strong band of local talent called “Hot Aire” to play indoors and standing up (unless like their star drummer, you had to sit down), and packed the 40 listeners into the seating area.

“GREAT fun!” was the comment of one member of the audience at the end of a near two-hour performance of wondrous noise, the band performing arrangements of well-known songs and films. The music from the “Titanic” kept the gig afloat. “Hot Aire” blew with a vengeance and defied the weather, conducted with great enthusiasm and humour by Stephen Bradnum.

They will be back next year and we hope they get what they deserve in terms of sunny weather and smiling park audience.

2007-07-15 hot_aire_logo

Hot Aire is a symphonic concert band based in Bingley, West Yorkshire and is lead and encouraged by the published composer and conductor, Stephen Bradnum. The band’s roots go back as far as 1956 and it has developed into an extended concert band combining woodwind, brass and percussion with keyboards and electric guitars.

The band, which performs pop and show music, attracts musicians from across the Bradford Metropolitan area and beyond, and welcomes new musicians of a reasonable standard. There’s no age limit, no audition and if you can read music – they love you!

For more information on how to contact Hot Aire – visit their website.

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