WEEK TWO: 3rd June 2007

The Cool Connexion

“Saltaire Bandstand 2007” is underway and has completed two of its series of fifteen Sunday afternoon summer concerts.

What a contrast. The first event on 27th May with eceltro-pop from Leeds band “Hulafrau” played in drizzle to a few enthusiastic “promenaders” and to the cheers of the remaining small group huddled under a tree close to Sir Titus’ statue. The second event on 3rd June in warm and humid conditions (good for Half-Moon Café business), saw 60 or more people of all ages, many picknicking or just lolling on the grass making the park look like a park, as the jazz quartet “The Cool Connexion” (also from Leeds) played for the best part of two hours.

The next event on 10th June was billed as Halifax Chamber Choir. The Choir have had to cancel at this very late stage, so up steps local jazz-guitar expert, the stylish Darren Dutson-Bromley, and he will take the stage in their place. The Half-Moon Steering Group which organises the concerts, is very grateful to Darren for such a quick response, and wishes him sunny weather. (but he can play inside the Cafe if the weather refuses to co-operate). It is also hoped that any followers of choral music who turn up will be pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed. They will in any case find their kind of music in abundance on the following Sunday 17th June, when the performers are the top-notch local choir, the Aire Valley Singers.

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